Avoid Runouts With A Propane Tank Monitor

What are wireless tank monitors, and how do they work?

propane monitor florida Have you ever been cooking dinner, and suddenly the flame on your range goes out because you’ve run out of propane? How about abruptly losing hot water in the middle of a shower?

It’s an awful realization that you neglected to arrange a propane delivery in time. And unfortunately, if you’ve had a propane runout, a licensed technician needs to perform a leak/pressure test before refilling your tank or relighting your propane appliances.

At Southeast Propane, we have a state-of-the-art method for ensuring that you never run out: wireless propane tank monitoring.

How does a wireless propane tank monitor work?

A tank monitor attaches directly to your propane tank, and our team can generally get the installation done in a few minutes.

Using wireless and cellular technology, the monitor will transmit up-to-the-minute data about the current fuel levels in your propane tank. For those Southeast Propane customers with Automatic Delivery, having a tank monitor allows us to know precisely when you need a tank fill without estimating based on your customer history and the weather. We’ll receive an alert when your tank gauge reaches a set level and send a delivery drive your way.

You will also have access to your monitor’s data via a free smartphone app. If you’re away from home or there’s an ugly storm pelting rain outside, you can simply cue up the app on your phone, tablet or another wireless device. Even if you’re on the other side of the world, you’ll know exactly how much propane you have. Will-Call customers appreciate having this real-time data at their fingertips. It makes tracking their fuel levels an absolute breeze.

Whether you’re an Automatic Delivery or Will-Call, using a wireless propane tank monitor means total confidence and zero stress.

Who benefits the most from having a propane tank monitor?

In our experience, just about any customer who depends on propane to power an important system or appliance can benefit from a wireless tank monitor. Even so, some people find their lives exponentially easier with tank monitoring, including the following:

The unifying attribute of everyone listed above is that they are often away from the home that’s receiving propane. But tank monitoring is also excellent for homeowners who have frequent guests, host large gatherings or take extended vacations, all of which can lead to less predictable fuel consumption.

Southeast Propane can set you up with tank monitoring today!

If you’ve ever found yourself worried that you might run out of propane, we strongly encourage you to give propane tank monitoring a try. Our team of friendly technicians can install your monitor quickly without disrupting your daily life.

Are you ready to get peace of mind with wireless propane tank monitoring? Reach out to the Southeast Propane team today.