Generator Installation and Service in Fort Lauderdale, Davie and West Palm Beach, FL

Southeast Propane helps keep your home and family safe

Hurricanes, tropical storms and other rough weather are a fact of life here in South Florida. While we may be used to them, it doesn’t make each one any less dangerous or a hassle.

One unfortunate effect of severe weather is your home losing power. In areas where heavy wind or flooding occur, homes could be without power for days if not weeks. Being without power for that long is uncomfortable, unsafe and expensive.

Southeast Propane offers a solution. We sell, install and service top-quality propane whole-house backup generators from leading makers Generac and Kohler. We’re your one-stop shop because we can also run the needed gas lines, install the propane tank and provide reliable propane delivery so your generator always has the fuel it needs to keep your home safe and comfortable.


Why a propane whole-house backup generator makes sense

Portable propane generators are useful for certain applications, but a propane whole-house generator does so much more! You can keep more appliances, electronics and equipment running in your house to keep you and your family safe, secure and comfortable.

When the power goes out, your whole-house generator kicks on independently in about 10 seconds. No need to go outdoors in potentially dangerous conditions to start a portable generator that is nowhere near as powerful as a whole-house backup generator.

You also don’t have to worry about going away from home to get more gasoline or a full propane cylinder when you have a propane whole-house backup generator. You can stay safely at home and, if you need more propane, we’ll get a delivery promptly to you.

Here are some other benefits of propane whole-house backup generators:

Protect your family. A propane whole-house generator keeps your home’s security system operating. Critical medical equipment like CPAPs, home dialysis, oxygen equipment and electric wheelchairs stay powered.

Be comfortable. Your home’s air conditioning and/or heat pumps will stay running with a propane whole-house backup generator, keeping you comfortable. You’ll also be able to keep air circulating with fans.

Keep your food safe. If you have a typical refrigerator and freezer, the food in it could have cost hundreds of dollars. If you have a standalone freezer, there’s even more money you’ve invested in food. When the power goes out, food in a refrigerator can begin to spoil in as little as four hours. A propane whole-house generator will keep your food safe to eat and protect you from having to throw all that money away.

Stay connected. Your propane generator whole-house backup generator powers the electronics you’ll need to stay in touch with your family and local authorities in case of an emergency. You’ll also be able to work remotely and keep everyone entertained with TV, streaming, video games and music.

With expert generator services, propane tank installation and leasing and dependable propane delivery, Southeast Propane is your one-stop shop for protecting your family and property. Contact us today to get started.