Gas Appliance Installation and Gas System Services in Miami, Coral Gables and Fort Lauderdale, FL

Southeast Propane is your one-stop shop for gas products and services

Whether you’re building a new home, are an architect or builder on a single-home or residential development project, are converting your home to propane or natural gas or are adding gas appliances to your current home or a home addition, you need Southeast Propane.

Gas system and appliance installations are not DIY projects, and you need an experienced team of professionals for both.

Southeast Propane is your one-stop shop when it comes to gas systems and gas appliances for Greater Miami. We work with both propane and natural gas systems.

gas systems and appliances

Our gas appliance and system services

We offer comprehensive gas system services, working with architects, builders, developers and contractors to assist with the design of gas systems for new construction or renovation projects, both residential and commercial. Because we’re an established business, we’re known for our reliability.

Southeast Propane will run gas lines from your propane tank or your utility’s natural gas line into your home and to all gas appliances. From there, our expert service technicians will install your gas appliances.

One problem renovation and home addition projects in older homes come up against is old gas installations that no longer meet local codes or standards. Southeast Propane will thoroughly fix your installation so that it is safe and up to all codes. We also provide this service for commercial properties that have been issued a code violation for their gas system.

Do you need to replace older propane appliances or want to add some? We also install, maintain and repair high-efficiency propane water heaters, pool heaters, firepits and whole-house backup generators.

Our propane services

Once your gas system and appliances are installed, Southeast Propane still takes care of you!

Our propane delivery is the most reliable in the area, with options including our Automatic Delivery, where we use sophisticated software to track your propane usage history and use it to know when to make a delivery. If you ever do need an emergency propane delivery, we provide 24/7 emergency propane delivery, even if you’re not a Southeast Propane customer! If you are one of our customers, you get priority emergency service. By the way, this 24/7 emergency service also applies to our appliance repair services as well.

Do you want absolute precision when it comes to your propane supply? We offer wireless propane tank monitoring, which keeps us informed 24/7 exactly how much propane is in your tank. When it reaches a set level, we’re notified and we schedule a prompt delivery.

If you need a propane tank for your home or business, Southeast Propane carries a wide range of propane tank sizes to meet all needs and provides proper, safe tank installation. Our propane tank leasing saves you from a lot of up-front expenses, and is affordable and worry-free.

Get safe, expert gas line and appliance installation done right by professionals you can trust. Contact Southeast Propane today to get started.