Propane vs. Natural Gas

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When it comes to comfort, efficiency and quality of life, many homeowners in the Miami-Dade County region prefer gas appliances over electric ones.

Water heating is faster and more energy efficient. Gas ranges offer unmatched precise, on-a-dime temperature control. Gas-powered whole-house backup generators keep your home safe and comfortable in severe weather like hurricanes. Gas grills, firepits, pool heaters and more make your backyard a great place to be.

Propane and natural gas may both be able to provide these amenities. But they are not the same. In many ways, propane is superior.

propane vs natural gas

Propane is more accessible and secure

If you want natural gas in your home, you need to be in a neighborhood where there are natural gas lines run by a natural gas utility.

But with propane, you can enjoy all of the benefits of gas-fired heating, water heating, cooking, standby generators and more no matter where you live because your propane supply is delivered to your home’s propane tank.

Natural gas is distributed through a large utility company, not a local delivery service like Southeast Propane. We give you the freedom to customize your service with features like automatic delivery, wireless propane tank monitoring and more. You get all of that with responsive, personal service that no big natural gas utility can match!

Propane delivers dependability

One of the reasons so many people like using propane in their home is that they know they will have their propane when they need it.

Your propane supply is kept on your property in your propane tank, so you’ll always have it on hand. Natural gas customers do not have the same level of security as those who use propane. Natural gas service interruptions are common throughout the year, whether owing to pipeline glitches, severe weather, accidents or wear and tear.

One of propane’s advantages over natural gas is how it is transported and stored. Propane is compressed into a liquid, becoming liquid propane gas (LPG). It’s stored in large tanks until it’s reliably delivered by a local propane company like Southeast Propane.

LPG changes back to gas before it leaves your propane tank, being released properly and safely through the pressure regulators. You can count on it being there for you.

Natural gas, on the other hand, is notoriously unreliable. If something happens with your natural gas utility’s underground pipelines, hundreds if not thousands of customers like you could be without natural gas for water heating, cooking and more for hours and possibly even days until the repairs are made.

Propane is more environmentally friendly

Another distinction between these two gases is that they are not the same. The main component of natural gas is methane, a greenhouse gas. Methane leaks from underground natural gas pipelines have sparked concerns.

Propane is not a greenhouse gas. It has been approved as clean fuel in the 1990 Clean Air Act and the 1992 National Energy Policy because it is slow burning. Another benefit of propane is that our domestic propane supply is produced right here in North America. That helps to improve our energy independence.

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