Builders: Create Energy-efficient Homes Using Propane!

Increase the desirability of your homes and get rebates

Are you a residential builder looking for ways to stand out to homebuyers? Propane can help you do that!

The Propane Construction Incentive Program is a new-home building design that combines propane usage applications into a comprehensive, integrated whole-house energy system.

Here’s what it includes:

This package approach is being used by developers to provide their customers with a home that is pleasant and comfortable to live in, with gas cooking, clothes drying, fireplaces, limitless hot water and highly efficient space heating and cooling. They’ll also get greater energy efficiency than all-electric homes, and a secure energy supply on their property without worries over an energy utility’s questionable infrastructure.

A propane whole-house backup generator will keep their new home safe and comfortable during power outages. The lights will stay on. Food in the fridge and freezer will be kept safely cold. The HVAC and home security systems will keep running. Electronics such as TVs, gaming systems and computers can be used. Phones, laptops and tablets can be charged. Essential medical equipment such as electric wheelchairs and CPAPs can be used.

Here in the greater Miami-Dade County region, you can add value to the homes you build with upgrades for outdoor living propane appliances such as built-in grills, gas outdoor lighting, pool and spa heaters and outdoor fireplaces and firepits.

Benefits of using propane in your building projects

Using propane in your home builds helps your projects get done more quickly and efficiently. There’s no waiting for a natural gas utility to run lines to your homes. Instead, Southeast Propane does it all! We assist with permitting, deliver and install the propane tanks, run the propane lines into and through the home and install the propane appliances.

Because our service technicians are all trained and experienced, you can be assured that our work will be done to the highest standards for quality and safety.

You also get money back in your pocket! The Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) offers rebates up to $1,500 for new home construction or home remodels that install specific propane appliances.

Southeast Propane is Greater Miami’s leader in propane services for home builders. Get in touch with us to learn more about what we can do for you!