How to Check Your Propane Grill Tank Level

We can help you do it with or without a scale.

grill tank West Palm Beach, FL You know that nervous feeling that comes when you have friends or family coming over for a barbecue, and you’re suddenly worried that you forgot something? You might have perfectly seasoned burgers, marinated shrimp on skewers and sauce to slather your rack of ribs. But what about the fuel in your propane cylinder? Is your grill tank almost empty?

Many propane grills have scales that will tell you the percentage fill of your propane cylinder. If yours doesn’t have a scale, there are other ways to determine how much propane is in your tank.

Here are three tricks that Southeast Propane customers can use to figure out how much grill fuel they have left.

1. Weight Your Tank on a Home Scale

Take a look at the neck of your cylinder. You’ll find two numbers listed there:

Weigh your cylinder on a household scale and deduct the TW. After that, divide the resulting number by the WC. That’s the current percentage fill of your grill’s tank.

2. Use the Hot Water Method

Fill a bucket with hot water, then pour it over the side of your cylinder. Since propane absorbs heat quickly, the cylinder metal will be cool where there’s fuel. Finding the spot where the tank goes from warm to cold, you’ll have a sense of the current fill line.

3. Buy an External Tank Gauge.

You can find these devices on Amazon and at most hardware stores. They attach between the grill’s regulator and the cylinder valve. Depending on the product, you can get an analog or digital readout, information about remaining cooking time and connectivity with your smartphone!

How to Change Your Propane Cylinder

If you need to attach a fresh propane cylinder to your gas grill, the process is quite simple. Before you start, it’s essential that you confirm your grill is fully turned off and the current cylinder’s valve is closed.

Detach the old cylinder.

  1. Remove the grill’s pressure regulator by turning it to the left.
  2. If your grill has a restraining bolt for the cylinder, loosen it.
  3. Remove the cylinder from the storage compartment.

Attach the new cylinder.

  1. Put the full cylinder into your grill’s storage compartment.
  2. If applicable, tighten the restraining bolt.
  3. Attach and tighten the pressure regulator to the cylinder valve.

Before you light your grill and start cooking, it’s a good idea to do a basic leak test after attaching a new cylinder.

  1. Spray the cylinder’s valve and the grill’s regulator and hose with soapy water.
  2. Open the valve. If you see bubbles, there might be a leak or loose connection.
  3. Close the valve, tighten all connections and open the valve again. If you still see bubbles, you might need to replace the hose or tank.

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