Propane Gas Leak Symptoms

How to respond to a leaking propane tank or cylinder.

propane leak miami, fl If you use propane gas to power your water heater, dryer, gas range or any number of other home appliances or amenities, you can be confident that propane has a stellar safety record. The industry is stringently regulated and upholds the highest standards of safety. Even so, it’s crucial to be aware of proper safety procedures when using this fuel in your Miami-area home.

Recognizing Propane’s Odor

Propane does not have a smell in its natural form. So, propane producers add an odorant called ethyl mercaptan or methanethiol, which makes it smell like rotten meat, spoiled eggs or skunk’s spray. This makes it easier to recognize a propane leak. However, we also recommend that you install UL-listed gas detectors near your appliances. Carbon monoxide detectors, while essential safety devices, will not alert you to a gas leak.

Symptoms of Propane Exposure

Propane has incredibly low toxicity. It will not have a negative impact on soil, groundwater, aquatic life, marine life or plant life, even if an underground propane tank happens to leak.

Even so, inhaling propane vapor is an asphyxiation risk. These are the symptoms of low exposure to propane gas, according to the Propane Education & Research Council:

These are the symptoms of significant exposure to propane gas:

Additionally, propane can be extremely cold when escaping a tank or cylinder. Direct contact can cause irritation and even frostbite on your skin. Consequently, you need to be aware of how to respond appropriately if there is a propane leak near you.

How to Respond to a Propane Leak

If you notice the smell of propane or receive an alert from a gas leak detector, please follow these steps:

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