How is Propane Used in a Commercial Kitchen?

Restaurants, hotels, resorts and other businesses love propane cooking equipment.

commercial kitchen propane miami, fl When it comes to great restaurants, it’s hard to top our part of the country. Recently, Food & Wine named Miami one of the 10 best cities for fine dining. The Sunshine State currently boasts 19 Michelin-starred restaurants, and tourists from around the world flock to South Florida for our wonderful dining, entertainment and cocktails.

Talk to just about any professional chef, and they will tell you that cooking with gas is the best way to prepare a delicious meal. Southeast Propane proudly delivers propane for commercial kitchens in our region. This includes not only restaurants but also hotels, resorts, event spaces, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, catering companies and cafeterias.

Here are a few ways propane provides superior energy for various commercial kitchen functions.

Commercial Kitchen Appliances.

Why do so many chefs prefer gas cooking over electricity? Propane provides quick, robust heat and maximum temperature control. Gas appliances also offer functions that electric devices don’t, including charring and flambéing.

When your business has a propane tank, you can add these fantastic gas-fired products to your kitchen:

There are also wonderful cost-saving opportunities with propane. Not only is propane an overwhelmingly U.S.-made energy source with a typically low price point, but Energy Star-certified propane equipment offers some of the best energy savings around. And propane kitchen products have long lifecycles of eight years and more.
Having a propane-powered kitchen also frees you from reliance on a natural gas or electricity utility with poorly maintained infrastructure. Even in a blackout, your kitchen keeps sizzling!

Heating Water with Propane

Commercial kitchens need a steady hot water supply to wash dishes, cutlery, pots and pans. Propane offers superior hot water generation compared to other energy sources. A water heater’s hot water recovery rate indicates how many gallons of hot water it can produce in one hour. Propane water heaters typically have about double the recovery rate of electric units.

More Propane Appliances of Hospitality Businesses

If you run a business that serves meals to customers, there are many other propane-fired appliances and amenities that can significantly improve your patrons’ experience. These products include the following:

You can also benefit from efficient propane dryers for your linens and propane standby generators to ensure your lights stay on even when the power grid goes down.

Southeast Propane powers hospitality businesses!

Restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality businesses throughout the Greater Tri-County area turn to Southeast Propane for reliable propane delivery. They see the value of partnering with a fellow local business. Our team understands the needs of South Florida businesses like yours. You can always trust us to provide prompt, responsive, personal service.

Let’s work together to ensure your commercial kitchen runs efficiently and dependably. Become a Southeast Propane customer.