Propane Delivery in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Count on Southeast Propane for your Fort Lauderdale home or business!

If you’re looking for a propane delivery company that will be there when you need them, look no further than Southeast Propane! We offer dependable propane delivery for both homes and businesses in Fort Lauderdale, as well as responsive, personal service.

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Southeast Propane’s complete propane services

Propane delivery. Our propane delivery service is tailored to your needs with our Automatic Delivery option. With state-of-the-art software, we accurately know when you’ll need more propane and promptly deliver it.

Propane Delivery in Fort Lauderdale

Propane tank installation and leasing. Southeast Propane installs a wide range of propane tank sizes, so you get the right one for your home. With our affordable propane tank leasing, you save money up front and don’t have to worry about maintenance or repairs because we take care of it all.

Wireless propane tank monitoring. If you travel frequently, live away from home for part of the year or just want total peace of mind about your propane supply, wireless propane tank monitoring is for you! It informs us in real time exactly how much propane is in your tank and notifies us when you need more so we can set up a delivery right away. No more worries about running out or unnecessary deliveries!

Pricing and payment options. Managing propane costs is not one size fits all. Our programs such as AutoPay and paperless billing make it easy for you to manage your propane costs your way.

Propane appliance installation and service. Propane is an amazing, versatile energy source that enhances your home both indoors and outside. We offer expert installation of water heaters, firepits, pool heaters, whole-house standby generators and other gas appliances. We can also help with designing and installing gas systems.

Commercial propane services. Whether your business is a construction company, restaurant, golf course, laundromat or hotel, propane services from Southeast Propane can help your business grow, be more efficient and provide quality service to your customers.

Folks in Fort Lauderdale love Southeast Propane!

“Carlos and Cecilia are very efficient and professional! The installation was smooth. And Propane delivery is on time. No complaints here. I strongly recommend these guys.” – Eric S.

“Fantastic company! I felt compelled to log on and support a great local company that has top-notch customer service. For six months, I tried working with a national propane company to exchange a leaking propane tank and get it filled up. I switched to Southeast Propane and, in one week, they exchanged my tank, identified faulty gas regulators and filled up the tank. Very fair pricing and five-star customer service. I can’t recommend them highly enough!” – Yasser R.

Propane FAQs

Q. Is propane safe?

A. Used properly, propane is one of the safest energy sources out there, thanks to stringent governmental regulations along with high industry standards upheld by propane service providers like Southeast Propane. An odorant, commonly described as smelling like rotten eggs, is added to propane during processing to make propane gas leaks easier to detect. If you smell that rotten-egg odor in your home, follow propane safety best practices and get everyone out immediately. Once safely away, call 911 and Southeast Propane.

Q. How do I ensure I always have propane?

A. Southeast Propane makes it a snap to keep your home supplied with the propane it needs. For starters, our Automatic Delivery eliminates the need for you to track your propane tank gauge levels because we use the latest software to analyze your propane usage history and that data gives us an accurate calculation for when you’ll need a propane delivery. For those who want absolute precision and security about their propane supply, we offer wireless propane tank monitoring.

Q. Can I install my propane gas appliances myself?

A. You absolutely should not do this. While you think it may look easy on those online how-to videos, and you’d love to save a few bucks, installation of propane gas appliances is a job best left to the pros. Propane gas appliance installation requires multiple steps that must be precisely and correctly done to ensure safety, including the leak-free securing the connection of the appliance to your home’s gas lines. If you don’t do this properly, you are putting yourself, your loved ones and your home at risk with a potential propane gas leak.

Also, local building codes and neighborhood regulations likely require all gas appliances to be installed by a trained professional like the service technicians at Southeast Propane.

You can’t beat Southeast Propane for dependable propane delivery and personal service. Become a customer today!