What Is Propane Made of?

Everything you need to know about an efficient, clean-burning fuel

propane florida Every day, we speak to homeowners from the greater Miami area interested in adding propane-fired systems and appliances to their homes. For some, it’s a single amenity like a pool heater. Others are looking for a more substantial home comfort investment, such as a propane tankless water heater. Some folks are concerned about the unreliable electric grid and want to install a propane-powered generator.

You might be surprised by a common question we hear from these new customers: What is propane made of?

It’s not unusual to be unclear about what propane’s made of or how it’s different from natural gas. Let’s break down what propane is and why it’s an excellent fuel for your home.

What is propane?

Simply put, propane is a coproduct of natural gas processing and crude oil refining. You can almost think of it as liquid natural gas. When you apply pressure to propane, it becomes a liquid, which is how it’s transported and stored in a propane tank. When pressure lets up, propane vaporizes so it can travel in gas lines to your home equipment.

It’s worth noting that renewable propane is growing in use. Renewable propane is chemically identical to conventional propane. However, it’s made from organic and recycled ingredients like animal oils, vegetable oils, biomass and plant matter. As such, it has one-half to one-quarter of the carbon intensity!

Where does propane come from?

Propane comes from the same wells that extract natural gas and oil (along with other coproducts like ethane and butane). Virtually all the propane homes and businesses use in this country is U.S.-made. As a matter of fact, the U.S. exports more propane than we use.

This means that propane production is not reliant on international supply chains to reach your home. It also means that its price is more stable than many other fuels.

What are the benefits of propane?

Propane offers many significant advantages that can improve your comfort, save you money and help the planet.

  1. Energy efficiency — Propane is an incredibly efficient fuel, with many modern appliances boasting well over 90 percent efficiency and some reaching as high as 98 percent!
  2. Versatility — Propane is excellent for space heating and hot water but also amenities like high-efficiency clothes dryers and outdoor firepits.
  3. Affordability — Not only is propane’s price more stable; its efficiency means you’ll see immediate monthly savings on your energy bills.
  4. Eco-friendliness — Propane is methane-free and has a lower carbon intensity than most other home energy sources. It also contains virtually no particulate matter, a known carcinogen.

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