Fueling education — inside and outside the school building.

It’s hard to think of a building that is more vital than a school. Whether you’re talking about an early education center, a public or private school or a university, these institutions are more than just brick and mortar. They are the repositories of our state’s future.

In order for students to learn effectively and develop into productive adults, they need school buildings that are comfortable and safe. In Fort Lauderdale and throughout South Florida, Southeast Propane provides the propane that keeps our educational institutions running. Here are a few of the uses for commercial propane in schools and universities.

School Cafeterias and Dining Halls

While educators feed the minds of students, it helps if they also have full stomachs. Propane can power a range of commercial kitchen equipment, including the following products:

ENERGY STAR-rated commercial propane kitchen equipment can achieve efficiency improvements from 10% all the way to 60% over standard products. Additionally, most propane cooking products can continue to run in a grid blackout while electric products sit cold.

Commercial Water Heaters

Propane water heaters can have double the hot water recovery rates of electric models. This means a steady stream of hot water for:

You can achieve even better hot water generation with less fuel with a propane tankless water heater system.

Backup Power

The weather in our part of the Sunshine State can be far from sunny. Strong winds and tropical storms have been known to knock out power for whole neighborhoods. That can be a significant issue when children are in school, and transporting them may not be safe.

Luckily, propane standby generators turn on automatically and provide dependable backup power when the grid fails. Because propane has a virtually unlimited shelf life, you can be confident that your standby generator’s fuel will be ready when needed, keeping lights, communications equipment, air conditioning and other crucial equipment running.

School Buses

We’re all committed to lowering the emissions of our bus fleets. It’s vital both to combat climate change and to improve air quality for your children.
Propane autogas buses offer a fantastic decarbonization option that is much more affordable than converting to electric vehicles. Conventional propane’s carbon intensity is 14% lower than gasoline or diesel. It emits virtually no particulate matter. Additionally, propane vehicles can emit up to 60% less carbon monoxide than gasoline vehicles.

Converting to propane autogas buses costs significantly less than setting up the charging infrastructure for EV buses.

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