Commercial Propane Heating for Your Construction Project

commercial heating floridaWhether you’re building an office building or a residential property, propane imparts superior value to the end product. This efficient, eco-friendly, American-made fuel provides dependable space heating for new construction. It also powers many appliances and amenities that can boost the property value, including high-efficiency water heaters, gas fireplaces, propane-fired ranges, ovens, outdoor kitchens, pool heaters and firepits.

At Southeast Propane, we also deliver commercial propane for various construction uses. Work sites throughout Miami, West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale and other South Florida cities count on us for dependable propane delivery.

Why propane is the right heating choice for your construction project

Like natural gas, propane provides a range of uses in any new building, from energy-efficient space heating, water heating, cooking and clothes drying. But it has the edge over natural gas in its heat generation. Propane generates 2,520 Btu of heat energy per cubic foot compared to only 1,012 Btu per cubic foot with natural gas.

Propane is more secure too. You aren’t dependent on a public utility with propane, so you don’t have to worry about sudden outages. You can use propane in place of any natural gas application, and Southeast Propane can install high-capacity propane tanks for your project, both aboveground and underground. We also handle distribution networks, running lines from fuel storage to systems and appliances.

Construction uses for propane

Propane is not only useful in finished buildings; it also powers construction sites themselves. Here are a few essential functions that commercial propane serves in the construction sector.

Temperature and humidity control

Propane-powered temporary cooling and heating equipment helps keep your crew and construction at the perfect temperature. Propane dehumidifiers ensure the proper air pressure to protect your materials. High humidity and temperature swings can cause concrete, stucco, paint and joint compound to dry and adhere incorrectly.

Power generation

Regardless of the scale of your construction project, you need electricity to keep it on track. But you might not have easy access to grid power — and you want to be prepared for the increasingly common grid outages we experience.

Propane generators are the most dependable solution around. Propane has a virtually unlimited shelf life, unlike gasoline. And you don’t need to worry about constant refills. You just connect it to your onsite tank!

Forklifts and other equipment

Propane is a fantastic fuel for forklifts and other construction equipment. It offers robust heat and power, plus its low emissions allow equipment to be run indoors and out (unlike gasoline and diesel). And refueling is a breeze! You swap out cylinders and get working again. By contrast, electric forklifts require hours to recharge.

Trust Southeast Propane for your construction needs.

When you run a construction site, deadlines matter, and every second counts. Don’t get bogged down in fueling issues. Partner with Southeast Propane, and we’ll develop a fuel storage and delivery plan tailored precisely to your project needs.

Additionally, we can work with you to set up propane tanks, distribution systems and appliances for the project.

Let’s work together to keep your construction project moving. Contact our commercial propane team today.